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Tech showcase: Intelligent Operations

This session took place on March 17, 2021

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Tech showcase: Intelligent Operations

TycheTools: Data-driven automatization.

Automatization is critical to improving DC operations. However, automation in critical infrastructures is not child’s play. Operators require solutions that are reliable, secure and can incorporate their expert knowledge regarding the particular challenges and opportunities defined by their IT, facilities and business realities. TycheTools provides automation solutions purposely built for the data centre environment. Our “correct-by-design,” exceptionally precise and secure sensors inject our AI-driven platform with the robust data needed to deliver automation solutions that optimize energy use, risk management, and business decision-making. Best of all, our plug and play solution delivers automatization without requiring extensive installation or a transformation of work processes.

Nlyte Software: Integrated data center management - energy savings, reduced costs and improved resiliency through integration

Data centers have never been more vital or central to business operations, yet they need to be ever more efficient, resilient and flexible. This session will present Integrated Data Center Management, an approach to achieve these objectives by integrating the numerous layers within the data center, from critical infrastructure and the building itself with IT and workloads. Specific, high value use cases will be detailed and foundational approaches, such as a Cooling Chain, will be introduced.

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