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Panel: Is unconventional thinking going to be the new normal for cooling data centers?

This session took place on July 14, 2021

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Is unconventional thinking going to be the new normal for cooling data centers?

In the race to improve data center cooling technology there is no shortage of innovative thinking when it comes to new methods that support the drive for sustainability. Are these new approaches to cooling the key to breaking Moore’s Law, meeting the demands of new chip densities, and making HPC more accessible without destroying the environment?

This discussion will ask three experts about the new ways they are thinking about the big issues the industry faces and the much needed different cooling solutions for not only addressing sustainability but also capability and future-proofing. Can new technologies and viewpoints transform the data center sector into one that is higher performing, dramatically more sustainable, and more rapidly and equitably able to serve communities, government, and businesses globally?

Roundtable: How can the industry better address the sustainability agenda through cooling technologies and techniques?

We invite you to join this roundtable directly following the panel discussion before to continue the conversation, talk with the speakers, get your questions answered, share your own insights and to find potential collaborators.

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