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Old Billingsgate

Fireside Chat: Energy Smart meets Circular Economy – step by step towards the next-gen sustainable data center

Google have been at the forefront of the renewable buyer revolution for a number of years and have recently restated their commitment to the concept of the circular economy - working towards a circular Google within a sustainable world.

Join this fireside chat to gain deep insight into Google's sustainability efforts beyond renewable energy procurement from Alaa who leads the global sustainability initiatives and program at Google.

This front row seat opportunity will see Susanna and Alaa share in a dialogue with the audience their step by step journey towards Urban Sustainable Design, and Circular Economy Metrics for the data center to combat climate change. Their ambition is to inspire data center players to address the dirty clouds and to embrace sustainability beyond PUE and PPAs.

Session takes place in Cityside West Room on Level 2 and is open to all attendees