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The landmark series on data center sustainability

Tech showcase: Sustainable Cooling Solutions

This session took place on February 24, 2021

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Tech showcase: Sustainable Cooling Solutions

11:00 Asperitas | Shell: Immersion cooling solutions enabling net-zero and resiliency
A set of challenges has arrived for our society and everyone is looking at the industry to contribute. Climate change, energy supply, sustainable heating, urbanisation and drought are all elements data centers need to take into account to have a positive impact where possible. As an industry, we make choices for technologies every day, and those choices make a difference. Immersion cooling is known to be the most efficient cooling method, but it can also be a gamechanger towards net zero data centers, this session will show you how.

11:20 Munters: Waterless cooling without sacrificing energy efficiency

SyCool offers data center engineers and owners a cost-effective, modular alternative to chilled water and pumped refrigerant systems. Harnessing the natural phenomenon of the thermosyphon, Munters' latest cooling solution requires no pumps and no freeze prevention additives, while achieving annual and peak energy efficiency metrics that approach or exceed high-efficiency magnetic-bearing chiller plants. Tune in to this presentation to learn about Munters' latest innovation in data center cooling and the benefits it offers compared to other dry cooling solutions.

11:40 Submer: Sustainability for Datacenters. Why does the SmartPod make sense?

Take a look inside Submer’s immersion cooling technology. In this showcase, we will give a live demo of our SmartPod solution, how it works and its benefit to the industry, and how the use of this technology can help to increase efficiency and reduce a company's overall impact on the environment. You will get a closer look at:

  • The dryzone
  • Inside of the tank
  • Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU)
  • SmartPod API
  • Temperature flow rates
  • Heat Exchange
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