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Tech Showcase - Power and Cooling Infrastructure

This session took place on June 21, 2021

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Tech Showcase - Power and Cooling Infrastructure

A series of quick-fire presentations showcasing the latest technologies to drive rapid innovation across power and cooling infrastructure.

Green Revolution Cooling: Liquid immersion cooling. Designed for Today. Ready for Tomorrow.

With over a decade of experience deploying single-phase immersion cooling solutions across a breadth of environments and industries, GRC® sets the standard. Pioneering the technology beginning in 2009, we’ve kept pushing ahead at perhaps the technology’s top value proposition – simplicity. This includes our all-new ICEraQ® Series 10 system, which more than makes up in performance what it lacks in complexity. Easily cooling up to 368 kW, it breaks through barriers relating to rack density, power availability, location options, and data center design as a whole. Join Jim Weynand for this 20-minute presentation as he dives into how single-phase immersion cooling helps you slash costs, speed implementation, improve performance, enhance sustainability, and future-proof your data center.

Munters: Economic benefits of a thermosiphon driven data center cooling system compared to a similarly configured air-cooled chiller based approach

Munter's thermosiphon-based cooling system, called SyCool, offers benefits compared to similar air-cooling strategies that use air-cooled chillers piped to perimeter-mounted CRAH units. This presentation provides highlights of a comprehensive total cost of ownership study performed by an independent consulting engineer and contractor, comparing SyCool with two different air-cooled chiller systems.

East Penn: Deka reserve power battery solutions

With today’s complex datacenter world and need for backup power, the battery solution is more critical than ever. With multiple technology solutions, specifically lead and lithium, you need the facts to make an informed decision. Important considerations are performance, sustainability, and price. Tune into our presentation and learn how to select the right battery for your application. East Penn has the product portfolio and the reliability you need.

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