Bosch is a leading global supplier of technology and services that employs more than 421,000 associates and generates more than 82 billion euros of revenue. The company always acts according to the values of its founder Robert Bosch, which essentially focus on social and environmental good, while ensuring long-term success in business.

Bosch sees edge and core data centers as the indispensable digital backbone of our society and economy. At the same time, there are many challenges that data center operators currently face, such as an ever-increasing energy consumption, which is in short supply in many metropolitan areas and as a result, slowing the development of new data center infrastructures or the expansion of existing ones. In addition, data center operators are pursuing stringent sustainability ambitions to meet social responsibilities and comply with environmental and political requirements. Here, the origin of energy and the appropriate use of waste heat often play a central role.

As a possible solution for several challenges in this area, Bosch considers a decentralized and hydrogen-ready energy supply - for this, Bosch pursues a development project on stationary solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), that generate electricity and heat through hydrogen, natural gas or biomethane and with a system efficiency of more than 90%. Together with an extensive partner ecosystem, we are collaborating on holistic and modular solutions for small and large data centers, which are plug and play and ready to support data center operators with the above-mentioned challenges.