CPower helps organizations understand, implement, and maximize the potential of distributed energy resources by creating demand-side energy management strategies for customers to help reduce energy costs, generate revenue, meet sustainability goals, and increase grid reliability. CPower serves leaders in all industries and government organizations. Our customers include data centers, “big box” retail, manufacturing, commercial real estate, health care, and higher education.

Data centers use a lot of energy. The 24/7 need to power servers, networking equipment, cooling systems, and more make energy costs one of the highest expenses your organization faces in providing your customers with impeccable service. Right now, the energy industry is evolving in a way that provides organizations in the data center industry with unique opportunities to monetize their existing energy assets.

Like data centers, grids across the US and Canada are becoming greener and more efficient, trending away from the fossil fuels that dominated the 20th century toward cleaner energy sources. Grid operators and electric utilities offer substantial incentives to commercial consumers to help integrate their grids with resources many data centers already possess.

That means data centers like yours have an opportunity to monetize your existing energy assets by helping grids stay balanced.

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