Back-up power is a crucial part of the power infrastructure in data centers, critical to maximizing uptime and reliability. But how can you ensure the health of emergency power systems for when your facility needs them most without manual interventions and the risk of human error?

Explore how power systems can be maintained for life in both new builds, retrofits and upgrades.

Automated maintenance test systems with in-built AI features to store test results for future proactive indication of potential failures.

Intelligent Power Management is the backbone of reliability.

We will share all the features specially designed to create high-reliability power management systems (PMS):

  • Multi-Master
  • Redundancy
  • Hot standby
  • Secure mode (N+1)
  • Double starter
  • CBE start (Run up sync or Deadbus sync)
  • Intelligent Testing of back-up Power – predictive maintenance tool (data driven)

Integrated BMS and PMS solutions (One solution – One supplier)

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