FNT Software is a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of data center, IT and telecommunication infrastructures. At FNT, we understand the critical role that data centers play in the modern business landscape. As businesses increasingly rely on digital infrastructure to drive growth and innovation, the need for robust, scalable, and agile data center solutions has never been greater.

FNT makes managing these highly complex digital infrastructures easier with our FNT Command software. It is designed to address the complex challenges faced by data center operators and IT professionals. Our software documents every aspect of the data center infrastructure and stores it as a digital twin. Its open standard interfaces automatically consolidate content from distributed databases, displays cross-silo dependencies and merges them into a single point of truth. Organizations use this digital twin to achieve greater data center efficiency and optimization.

From asset and inventory management to capacity planning, automation, and beyond, FNT offers a holistic approach to data center management that maximizes efficiency, minimizes downtime, and drives cost savings - for small businesses looking to optimize data center operations, large corporations seeking enterprise-grade solutions, and everything in between.

Unlock the full potential of your data center infrastructure with FNT Software.

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