Providing expertise to ensure continuous uptime, minimizing the risk and associated cost that follows power grid downtime.

Uptime is a requirement in today’s connected world.  Industries, such as Power Utilities, Telecommunications and Data Centers rely on uninterruptible power for critical continuity.  However, what happens when the power grid does go down?  Revenue ceases, instability can cause panic and most importantly, lives could be lost.  All are high risk scenarios that can be avoided when critical power solutions are in place. 

As complex as the power grid can be, critical power battery backup systems utilized to maintain emergency power integrity are just as complex.  Testing and monitoring the power grid and its batteries allows for the ability to identify issues in advance and provide solutions. 

From advising to innovative products, Franklin Electric | Grid Solutions provides the expertise required for ensuring continuous uptime, thus considerably reducing the risk and cost that follows power grid downtime.