ISG is a global dynamic construction specialist delivering places where people and businesses thrive.

With over three decades of experience working with our clients in a range of sectors, we understand the ever-increasing pace of today’s business world, and the demands this makes on an organisation’s IT strategy.

An entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative culture of innovation are rooted in everything we do. With a wealth of talent and technical cross-sector expertise, we’re a partner first. It means we’re there at every stage of the cycle – from feasibility to post-occupancy – to advise, guide, and offer tangible value.

Our culture builds relationships on trust, collaboration, and open communication because it’s the only way to create places as smart and resilient as the people who use them.

As one of the leading deliverers of high-tech, large-scale datacentre projects across Europe, our work with the world’s leading technology brands is shaping an exciting new generation of places.

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