Our trusted power partner

KINOLT believes in the power of ‘Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supply’. Our technology offers the most resilient power solutions available on the market today. With unparalleled resilience, high efficiency, compact design, reduced carbon footprint and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Whether your installation is on top of a skyscraper or in the world’s most isolated desert, KINOLT will always remain your trusted power back-up partner. With our local 24/7 service network, you can rest assured that your power supply runs smoothly at all times.

We challenge the market to see another, better way of power protection through dedicated, personal service and more resilient, sustainable and cost-effective UPS solutions designed with our customers’ needs in mind.

Working with KINOLT, in a partnership of dedication and commitment, we can ensure reliable power protection to rival the best in the world.

The following values are at the core of our daily way of operating:

We are dedicated to the people we work for and cherish the partnerships we have established

From start to finish we are responsible for the solutions we offer and the deliveries we make

We are known for the unmatched reliability of our process and our products