From 2009 through 2020, LiiON® spent its energies developing intellectual property around stored energy platform definitions and best practices for certification, deployment, and customer servicing.  Today LiiON® is globally recognized as the first to fully understand how to build and deliver a UL Certified Lithium UPS system that meets and exceeds today’s Datacenter specifications thru multi-level engagements with various UPS OEMs, data center construction firms, building codes, fire codes (COMPLIES and EXCEEDS), OSHA safety compliance, complex installations, and successful startup and commissioning at most datacenter marquis customer sites.  

LiiON® Lead-acid Replacement Systems (LRS™) are designed to utilize the original infrastructure that originally came with the UPS when first purchased and commissioned. LiiON® LRS™ once commissioned eliminates the repeat cycles of managing the acquisition process, the calendrical cycles of lead acid batteries becoming spent, the excess amount of carbon footprint needed to run, maintain, and utilize lead-acid batteries, and the safe, economical, and superior performance achieved with environmentally responsible and cost-effective migration to Lithium-ion (li-ion) systems.  LiiON’s® eBLOCKCHAIN™ network will guard against hackers, and prevent sabotages with no additional security controls needed. This means that power quality applications can be added to the power network with no security breech concerns. LiiON® makes stored energy management data secure with blockchain to enhance security, data provenance, and the real-time valuation of energy.

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