Ask Mitsubishi Electric about their range of IT cooling solutions for data centres.

Most businesses depend on their IT systems to provide the data they need, 24/7, year after year, as even the shortest outages can cause significant disruption and loss of revenue. It is imperative that these vital IT servers and equipment are always kept in optimal conditions, with effective cooling being paramount. The extensive range of Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) and Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) systems from Mitsubishi Electric combine the latest in DX technology with the RC brand’s expertise in IT cooling. These innovative, energy efficient systems can effectively deliver robust solutions to IT environments with ease. DX Computer Room Air Conditioning solutions from Mitsubishi Electric offer a range of high sensible systems, specifically designed to provide close control of temperature and humidity; perfectly suited for small to medium sized enterprise data centres. Mitsubishi Electric purchased the RC Group in 2015,enhancing our product line up and marking our full-scale entry into the IT cooling market.