Nordics Unlimited

With sustainability and energy prices becoming two of the most important location factors in the d ata center
industry, many actors have turned their heads towards the Nordics. World renowned for offering great conditions for long-term competitive advantage, the Nordics are receiving increasing interest and volumes of data center establishments.

Nordics Unlimited is a collaboration between Statkraft (Norway), Node Pole/Vattenfall (Sweden) and Fortum (Finland), working together to provide information, guidance and advise to actors in the industry interested in the great opportunities that the Nordics offer. Whether you are only interested in general information, or need assistance with live projects, the Nordics Unlimited team can provide expertise within all fields related to data center establishments and operations, and we are available throughout the Nordics.

Node Pole

Node Pole is the Swedish data center enabler and is wholly owned by Swedish power companies Vattenfall and Skellefteå Kraft. They enable a straightforward establishment process in Sweden with experience and expertise, have ready-to-build sites and high energy capacity, with 100% renewable energy. Node Pole develops and simplifies investments in energy-intensive industries in Sweden, such as data centers, material refinement, and battery production. Node Pole offers consultants, experts and project managers who know the process from interest to deployment.


Fortum is the leading energy company in Finland, focusing on the production of electricity, district heating and cooling, electricity sales and smart solutions for the future. Energy companies and energy-intensive industries also turn to Fortum for their energy production related expert services. As an energy architect and partner of data centers, Fortum are creating the prerequisites to have data centers located in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Fortum is a partner throughout the life cycle:

  • assisting in finding a suitable location
  • acquiring or producing clean electricity
  • utilising excess heat
  • managing energy with, e.g., demand response services, and recycling various materials


Statkraft is a leading international hydropower company and Europe's largest supplier of renewable energy. The Group produces hydropower, wind power, solar power and gas power and supplies district heating. Statkraft is a global market player in energy trading and has 3600 employees in 16 countries. Statkraft’s aim is to offer ready-to-build sites and being a facilitating partner within regional, power and site specific matters. Statkraft can e.g. offer sites near urban areas, renewable energy, redundant fiber connections, grid engineering and site solution.


Vattenfall is one of the leading companies in renewable energy production and is present across most of Northern Europe. Services include electricity generation and distribution, district heating, hydropower, offshore wind, onshore wind, charging solutions and solutions for larger industries. Vattenfall has formulated a strategy to reach the goal of enabling fossil-free living within one generation. Through partnerships, Vattenfall works actively with direct electrification and indirect electrification, using fossil-free hydrogen gas to decarbonize the industry and transport sectors. The Vattenfall Group has approximately 19,000 employees and is 100% owned by the Swedish state.

Vattenfall is also the co-owner of Node Pole.