Sabey Data Centers is one of the longest-lived and largest privately-owned, multi-tenant data center providers in the world. We own, develop, and operate all of our facilities. Private ownership, coupled with the stability of large financial partnerships, allows us to maintain a complete focus on each customer’s requirements.

Sabey Data Centers took root in Sabey Corporation’s 40+ year history as a facilities designer, builder, and operator for leading technology innovators of the day; Boeing Electronics, ADP, McCaw Cellular, and Exodus Communications all trusted Sabey as they broke new ground in industries of worldwide importance.

Today, with over three million square feet of mission-critical space, Sabey Data Centers continues to serve the world’s most exciting enterprises and institutions with customized data center solutions that are efficient, reliable, and quick to market.

Client satisfaction is our mission. We’re committed to it throughout every service we provide, including design, construction, commission, operation, and support services for our data centers. Our clients think of us as a trusted partner.

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