ZutaCore is a direct-on-chip, waterless, two-phase, liquid cooling technology company that unlocks the power of sustainable cooling. By dissipating heat at the source, ZutaCore’s HyperCoolTM cuts the cooling power infrastructure needed from the server to the data center. Eliminating the risk of IT meltdown and engineered for low-flow and low-pressure allows for light, compact design and high densities. Coupled with on-demand and closed-loop features, HyperCool maximizes cooling efficiencies, guaranteeing consistent performance in any climate and location. The ZutaCore solution is a complete hardware system enhanced by an optional software-defined-cooling (SDC) platform. The result – the data center shrinks, scarce energy, water, land and construction resources are saved, CAPEX and OPEX are slashed, return on investments (ROI’s) are accelerated, and real estate assets are maximized.

Designed by a veteran team in Israel and enabled by 14 patent-pending innovations, HyperCool is a near plug-and-play system. Through ZutaCore’s Certified System Integrator Partner Program, customers get access to superior end-to-end data center solutions. ZutaCore’s R&D center is in Israel, with its offices in the U.S. and Europe. For more information, please visit http://www.zuta-core.com/.

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