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Major Panel: Who's ready for the European Energy Efficiency Directive?

The European Energy Efficiency Directive is likely to be the most important piece of legislation for data center sustainability to date. With data center growth leading many to proclaim data centers as the 4th utility, the industry may soon be regulated like one. The EED reporting requirements are vast including building data, operational data, productivity data and, of course, energy consumption.

We ask our panelists what needs to be done to prepare for these changes, how the industry can align on metrics and improvements that need to be made and what is possible by 2030. Join this session to uncover:

  • Greater Insight on EED Requirements: With a comprehensive understanding of the EED's intricate reporting requirements.
  • Expert Perspectives on Industry Preparedness: Learn about the best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and the steps required to ensure data centers are compliant with the directive.
  • Future Forecasting and Strategy Alignment: Plan strategically for the future, ensuring their data centers remain ahead of regulatory deadlines