George Rockett

CEO & Co-Founder, DCD

George is CEO of DCD, the global events, education and marketing services business dedicated to digital infrastructure he co-founded in 1998. Today, he and his team are responsible for the content direction of all DCD business units. Having been involved in IT and Business publishing for over 20 years, George cut his teeth on the data center market in 1998 with the launch of 'Colocation Network Europe' and has since been involved in a multitude of publishing initiatives and has launched conferences and expos on the same subject across the world.

George's ability to view things continually from a fresh perspective and to join the dots between the various disciplines that converge on the data center industry are hallmarks of DCDs success as an organisation. DatacenterDynamics considers itself much more than just a B2B media provider which is highlighted by the number of long-term relationships that have been forged internationally with end-users, vendors and consultants alike.

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