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Marriott Marquis, Times Square

DCD>Tech Showcase: ZincFive nickel-zinc battery cabinets for UPS energy storage

Join this session as ZincFive’s Aaron Schott introduces the new ZincFive BC Series UPS Battery Cabinets: the BC 2 - 500 and BC 2 – 300X. These nickel-zinc immediate power solutions offer backward and forward compatibility with megawatt-class UPS inverters. The BC 2 - 500 now features an ultra-high-rate Z5 13-90 nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery and an upgraded power path to support the increased current and power output, delivering an overall footprint reduction of up to 60% compared to other battery solutions.

The BC 2 - 500 is designed for data centers and enterprises seeking a compact, safe, reliable, and sustainable solution for runtimes of 5 minutes or less. Meanwhile, the BC 2 – 300X caters to longer runtime needs yet offers the same great benefits of the NiZn chemistry.