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Marriott Marquis, Times Square

Major Panel: Banking on change - Evolution of data centers in the financial realm

It appears that despite traditionally favoring caution, financial institutions are becoming fast adopters of AI which has caused pendulums to swing. One swing is the return to bringing information back from the Cloud to on-prem data centers, but is this wise considering the power and speed that Cloud operators can offer? Another swing is the reassessment of legacy systems: can AI help breathe new life into these systems? And how can new services offer the high-performance computing that AI craves?
Watch now to explore:

  • The financial AI paradigm: Unravel the trends dictating shifts between data outsourcing and in-house setups for financial institutions.
  • Revamping existing infrastructure: Explore retrofitting endeavors within data centers, aiming for excellence in computing power, HPC, and AI integration.
  • Whitespace integration: Investigate the intricacies of whitespace and system integrations, offering a lens into the financial sector's evolving data center strategies.