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Major Panel: Does more MWs create more risk? What next for NOVA and other data center hubs?

The geographical concentration within Virginia and the vast flow of internet traffic through this area makes this State an incredible place to do business. Does this also create more risk; can you balance density and dependability? This panel looks at the advantages and challenges of building in existing data center hubs like NOVA.

How can organizations strike a balance between reaping the benefits of geographic concentration and safeguarding against failures? How can redundancy strategies evolve to address the unique challenges posed by this concentration of data center hubs?

  • Evaluate Hub Advantages: Understand the unique position of hubs like NOVA and how to optimize its geographical benefits while managing associated risks.
  • Balance Density & Reliability: Assess the intricate interplay between maximizing operational density and ensuring consistent dependability.
  • Evolve Redundancy Plans: Gain tailored insights on bolstering backup strategies for data center concentrations.