At the network edge – cloud, 5G and data centers in 2022 and beyond

On-Demand Webinar

Explore the architecture needed to support 5G and other applications

The increasingly distributed architecture and high connectivity that new technologies are ushering in may change the technological landscape, and the ‘data center’ in all its forms - from core to edge, to micro, to pica - will be at the center of this transformation.

Tune in as our panelists discuss the infrastructure that needs to be deployed at the network edge to support telecommunication functions and the different industrial, multi-access edge computing applications across public and private networks, and how this convergence between IT and telecommunications is supporting the cloudification of the market.

  • What is the network edge? And where do we see it?
  • How is the market developing?
  • How will 5G technology influence and support data centers of the future, and vice-versa?
  • What approach is required regarding network fabric and interconnection?
  • How can we be sustainable now that the deployment of public and private networks are key for the adoption of IoT and the support of Edge computing?