Data Center Fire Safety: Risks, Emergency Protocols & Transparency

On-Demand Webinar

Enhancing preparedness and driving industry transparency

From June of 2003 to March of 2021 (18 yrs), DCIRN  were able to identify 31 data center fire reports. As we saw during the most recent DCD>Building at Scale series however, the density of workload is increasing, interoperability of software is more complex, TOR electrical is growing and lithium batteries are on the horizon - with some perceived risk remaining.

This latest DCD>Mini-Series looks holistically at what the industry must do to meet the evolving safety challenge and manage risk effectively. Join the debate to hear from the experts on:

  • Increasing transparency and collaboration on risk information
  • Managing evolving areas of risk - from UPS to data-center design
  • Ensuring preparedness and emergency protocols are in place

What's more, to enable you to further your understanding and continue your professional development, when you register for this webinar, you'll also receive 20% off DCPro's Critical Safety Basics Certificate, an industry-leading e-learning course, covering:

  • Fuel Systems & Fire Protection
  • Arc Flash Safety
  • Data Center Health & Safety
  • Data Center M&E Cyber Security