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3:46PM EDT // 8:46PM BST

Nice summary from Jeremy on some of the shortfalls the industry is facing when it comes to cooling.


Alfonso Ortega - Liveblog Card.jpg

3:42PM EDT // 8:42PM BST

"Liquid cooling is an area where there's a lot of interesting problem."

Interesting points from Alfonso on how the technology will progress over time.

Suresh Pichai - Liveblog Card.jpg

3:33PM EDT // 8:33PM BST

"We will have air cooling forever."

As George said, quote of of the conference - summarises many points from other presenters quite neatly.

3:12PM EDT // 8:12PM BST

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Wow, another great penultimate panel to help us round off two fantastic days of content. Remember to utilise the free networking app as much as possible and access all the information for free, on-demand.

KITC Day 2 - Session 9.jpg

Our next, and final panel of Keeping IT Cool Virtual we ask experts how they think IT thermodynamics will evolve to deal with the unknown and what types of innovation we can look forward to as data center environments heat up.

2:48PM EDT // 7:48PM BST

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2:29PM EDT // 7:29PM BST

Customers are apparently seeing up to 30% back on rebates from equipment purchases, significantly reducing CapEx.

OptiCool slide.JPG

Bill Krug - Liveblog Card.jpg

2:18PM EDT // 7:18PM BST

"Heat extraction is dramatically cheaper than any other methods out there right now."

2:00PM EDT // 7:00PM BST

Thanks to all the panellists who joined us for the tech showcase. Make sure you connect with them if you have any questions.

KITC Day 2 - Session 8.jpg

Up next is our penultimate panel, where we'll be talking about refrigerant.

1:55PM EDT // 6:55PM BST

A final big thank you to the team at Vertiv for sharing their VRC tech with us.

1:36PM EDT // 6:36PM BST

Big thank you to Paul and EkkoSense for supporting us here at DCD. Make sure you connect with them to learn about the EkkoSense effect.

1:20PM EDT // 6:20PM BST

Thanks to Keith and the team from Munters for joining us. Make sure you connect with them to find out more about their offerings.

12:55PM EDT // 5:55PM BST

Thanks to the team from George Fischer for another great session. There was lots of questions so make sure you get in touch with them using the networking app.

CAA V Day 2 - Session 7.jpg

Next up is our last showcase for DCD>Keeping IT Cool Virtual.

12:24PM EDT // 5:24PM BST

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LinkedIn John Booth.JPG

12:13PM EDT // 5:13PM BST

Plastics may not be something you think of when you think of renewables.

Plastics Renewable.JPG

11:56AM EDT // 4:56PM BST

Wow, another technical and information packed session. Make sure you have a go at our dedicated networking platform and access the presentation for free, on-demand.

KITC Day 2 - Pipes.jpg

Next up we're talking about the nuts and bolts of a data center - piping.

11:37AM EDT // 4:37PM BST

Husam is detailing one of Microsoft's approaches to cooling - single bath immersion.

Single bath immersion.JPG

10:49AM EDT // 3:49PM BST

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KITC Day 2 - Session 6.jpg

Next up we're joined by speakers from Microsoft who will be talking about how they are cooling their cloud services. Make sure you're tuning in!

10:33AM EDT // 3:33PM BST

The most common hurdles to transitioning towards chassis-level immersion.

Hybrid Environments.JPG

10:18AM EDT // 3:18PM BST

A quick look at hybrid environment design. This earmarks more movement towards liquid cooling.

Hybrid Environments.JPG

9:58AM EDT // 2:58PM BST

Another great showcase, remember you can chat with everyone, including speakers on our dedicated networking app. Make sure you access the presentations on-demand for all the free resources on offer too.

KITC Day 2 - Session 5.jpg

Up next is a massive panel on Chassis level immersion, make sure you're tuned in because you don't want to miss this one.

Curt Wallace - Liveblog Card.jpg

9:49AM EDT // 2:49PM BST

Another big thank you to Curt for demo'ing us some exciting new tech.

Make sure you use the networking app to connect with Curt and the team.

Maikel Bouricius - Liveblog Card.jpg

Sundeep Kamath - Liveblog Card.jpg

9:21AM EDT // 2:21PM BST

Thank you very much to Sundeep and Maikel for joining us and explaining the partnership between Asperitas and Shell.

9:00AM EDT // 2:00PM BST

Thank you very much to all our panellists for another action-packed panel. Make sure you connect with everyone and share the conference session with your colleagues.

KITC Day 2 - Session 3.jpg

Up next is our second Technology Showcase, and our last for Keeping IT Cool virtual.

8:52AM EDT // 1:52PM BST

Captured the poll results George mentioned.

Poll Results.JPG

8:50AM EDT // 1:50PM BST

To hear more from Uptime Institute, tune into their DCD>New York session "Has the outbreak of COVID-19 re-written the contingency plan for facility risk mitigation?" on 1 September. Registration is entirely free

Lex Coors - Liveblog Card.jpg

8:42AM EDT // 1:42PM BST

"I think what the question could be. Let's compare the complete data center so let's pull data centre business case for Frankfurt for Sweden, and that simply assume the business day, and then liquid versus traditional air."

Interesting proposition from Lex on how to compare data center cooling methods.

Dr Rabih Bashroush - Liveblog Card.jpg

8:16AM EDT // 1:16PM BST

"We need a clearer picture and positioning for the technology."

What do you think the picture is for the type of infrastructure Rabih is talking about?

7:55AM EDT // 12:55PM BST

Thank you very much to Mark for kicking off the day with a great case study, access Mark's presentation again, including the slides using the resources below.

KITC Day 2 - Session 2.jpg

Up next is our first panel of the day where our experts will try and answer a question: what will it take for adoption to go from niche to scale and how far along the journey are we?

Panel: What will be the speed and scale of the transition to liquid cooling?

Lex Coors, Chief Data Center Technology & Engineering Officer, Interxion

Dr Rabih Bashroush, Research Director, Uptime Institute

Dr Jon Summers, Scientific Leader, RISE SICS North

7:36AM EDT // 12:36PM BST

"A big change for the actual overall design of the data center has been changing from what is commonly a somewhat 2D design of conventional rows of racks, with all of the equipment coming out the front into the walkway state."

Overview of design changes from Mark.

7:25AM EDT // 12:25PM BST

A look at cooling liquid comparisons from Mark and the team at DUG.

Cooling comparison.JPG

Mark Lommers - Liveblog Card.jpg

6:20AM EDT // 11:20AM BST

In just under an hour we'll kick off with the first of DCD>Keeping IT Cool Day two. The first up is a case study on how DUG manages to keep the world's greenest data center cool.

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