Huawei has announced that its FusionPower6000 3.0 and FusionCol8000-C data center products have received the coveted ANSI/TIA-942-B (TIA-942) rated 1-4 product certifications.

The FusionPower6000 3.0 becomes the first data center power distribution product to reach the standard for certification, with the FusionCol8000-C becoming the first data center fan wall to reach certified status.

The TIA-942 certification is an authoritative data center-specific standard to have full accreditation. It was developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the ANSI-affiliated consensus-based certification body, and is awarded by EPI Certification, the Singapore-based leader in data center certification, with “1-4” representing satisfactory compliance with relevant industry-endorsed standards across telecommunications, power, mechanical infrastructure, architecture, fire protection, security, and monitoring.

Winter Han, chief technology officer of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Development Dept, told us more about what this certification means to both the company and its customers: “Achieving the TIA-942 rating has been a dedicated endeavor spanning several months, representing a labor of love in ensuring the reliability of our infrastructure in mission-critical live environments.

“The comprehensive approach involved validating the equipment’s system capacity under diverse conditions, including scenarios at altitudes of up to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet). To meet the temperature and humidity recommendations for Classes A1 or A2 as outlined in ANSI/TIA-569D, we conducted an extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study to assess the fan wall's performance across various parameters and scenarios.

“Furthermore, we meticulously demonstrated the power supplies' configuration for 2N/N+N fault tolerance and extended the same level of assurance to the control system of the fan wall.”

Winter adds that achieving the certification opens a range of opportunities for placement of the product in the world’s best data centers:

“Obtaining the TIA-942 certification opens up opportunities for us to cater to a diverse range of markets. This certification, recognized internationally, positions us to serve clients in sectors where data center reliability and adherence to industry standards are paramount.

"Industries such as finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and government agencies, among others, often prioritize TIA-942 compliance when choosing data center services.

Huawei FusionPower6000 3.0
– Huawei

“It not only enhances our credibility but also broadens our market reach, allowing us to meet the unique needs of clients in various sectors who prioritize robust and reliable data infrastructure on a global scale.”

Huawei FusionPower6000 3.0 offers power supply, distribution, and backup solution, geared toward the age of AI workloads. Offering an alternative to the “patchwork” approach of traditional UPS parallel arrangements, the FusionPower6000 3.0 is an all-in-one prefabricated system that does away with multiple components of a traditional backup solution in favor of one that reduces the footprint of power provisioning by nearly 30 percent.

With the urgent pace of development in the data center sector, the FusionPower6000 3.0 offers a way to cut the two-month average lead time for delivery and installation of a power distribution system to just two weeks.

“FusionPower6000 3.0 optimizes power distribution links and UPS5000-H models based on FusionPower6000 2.0, achieving a smaller footprint and higher efficiency,” adds Winter.

Modular design for core components, hot-swappable, and maintenance within five minutes. In addition, Huawei's iPower features include AI-powered TTL for key components, AI-powered temperature prediction, and full-link visualization, which Winter outlines:

“The iPower feature of FusionPower6000 3.0 provides functions such as full-link visualization, AI-based temperature prediction, circuit breaker health assessment, circuit breaker Intelligent setting by level, and key components lifespan prediction.

“In addition, the lifespan of key components, including capacitors and fans, can be predicted one year in advance to prevent potential risks. This is part of an effort to transform O&M from passive maintenance to AI predictive maintenance.”

Huawei FusionCol8000-C offers a high-temperature chilled water fan wall, ideal for cooling even in tropical climates. And it supports the higher temperature of supply water up to 20°C, which can effectively reduce the chiller power consumption. Compared to a traditional in-room downdraft solution, the FusionCol8000-C fan wall has a 50 percent larger heat exchanger area, and the supply air volume is increased by 40 percent, while reducing power consumption by up to 20 percent.

Additionally, unlike traditional products, the fan wall configuration does away with the need to install a raised floor to accommodate it, thus reducing the capital expenditure of construction. With uninterrupted cooling during active/standby power switching, the FusionCol8000-C supports the modular design of fan driver and power module, the hot-swappable maintenance time is less than three minutes.

These products form part of Huawei’s modular approach to equipping data centers. Winter explains: “The FusionPower6000 3.0 adopts the modular design for key components, including the UPS power module, bypass module, feeder switch, enabling online maintenance within five minutes and phased capacity expansion without service interruption.”

Huawei has called the announcement that both these products have achieved TIA-942 rated 1-4 product certification “a significant step toward Huawei’s data center product solutions achieving full-chain reliability.”

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