Brazilian telecoms operator TIM is on track to complete its cloud migration this year.

The company will be using Google, Oracle, and Microsoft’s cloud platforms, and will shut down their two data centers currently located in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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TIM CIO, Auana Mattar, told BNamericas: “We practically completed the migration. What is missing now is the [online charging system], whose process should be completed by July. After that, there is a natural process of decommissioning the servers and cleaning up the data centers. This should be completed in the second half [of the year].”

TIM first announced its cloud migration project in 2020 and began migrating in 2021.

The company will be hosting its analytics technologies on Google Cloud Platform, its databases and back-end process on Oracle and its digital channels and front end applications will be hosted on Microsoft’s Azure.

The telecom is anticipating an IT cost reduction of 25 to 35 percent by the end of the migration.

TIM’s CIO added that the migration has been essential to the continuation of the company.

“If we had not taken the decision in 2020 to migrate to the cloud, last year we might not have been ready to accelerate the 5G rollout, the M&A process [purchase of Oi mobile], and all the rest,” Mattar said.

After acquiring part of Oi Movel, TIM has been unable to shift its surplus base stations but has otherwise had a busy few months. TIM Brazil sold its third data center in Porto Alegre in October 2022 to Elea Digital, and in January the company announced a new partnership with AST SpaceMobile, a company building a space-based cellular broadband network.