Chilean regulator Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel) has launched a formal plan for the switch off of 2G services in the country.

Subtel said it wants to ensure that operators monitor their 2G shutdowns so that no subscribers are left disconnected.

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The regulator notes that 2G was the dominant mobile platform in the country until mid-2012. According to Subtel, there were just over 203,000 devices connected to 2G networks at the end of March 2023.

Subtel said that the closure of Chile's 2G services will free up spectrum for other mobile technologies.

The regulator has requested that all Chilean mobile operators submit detailed plans for their 2G network shutdowns.

Subtel's stance on the country's 2G switch-off may have been driven by Entel's recent announcement that it will start its 2G shutdown next year.

Earlier this month, telco Entel said that it will start phasing out its 2G network midway through 2024, while it will stop selling new services over 2G from next month.

The operator did note that 100 sites will remain switched on as there are no alternatives in these areas. However, once these areas have access to 4G or 5G, 2G will also be shut down in these locations too.