Costa Rican telco Claro has started providing 5G services on a trial basis.

Claro's website notes that 5G is available in a number of locations including, Bijagua de Upala, Limón baseball stadium, Mall Internacional, Instituto Tecnológico, City Mall, and San José municipality.

Costa Rica
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According to Claro, the trial has delivered speeds of up to 1.7Gbps and lower latency.

The telco is the third Costa Rican carrier to kick off 5G trials in the country, after Liberty Latin America (LLA) held 5G trials earlier this year, ahead of plans to launch its commercial 5G network later this year.

Another Costa Rican telco, Grupo ICE held its own 5G trials last year.

Costa Rica's 5G rollout has been delayed due to problems with telecoms regulator Sutel.

The regulator is still yet to hold the planned 5G spectrum auction due to spectrum return issues.