Nearly 200 telecom towers have gone out of service in Chile following the deadly wildfires sweeping the nation.

As reported by BNAmericas, 193 towers have been impacted.

– Wikimedia/LucianoTheWindowsFan

So far the natural disaster in the Valparaíso has killed more than 120 people, with hundreds more missing.

The fires have impacted between 3,000 to 6,000 houses, according to the housing ministry.

Infrastructure in the Valparaíso, O'Higgins, and Maule regions has also been affected.

In the Valparaíso region 152 sites, the equivalent of 7.45 percent of installed antennas, have been impacted. This figure sits at 30, or 2.76 percent, in the O’Higgins region and 11, or 0.98 percent, in the Maule region. Electricity connectivity continues to present challenges.

Chilean telecoms regulator Subtel, along with forestry business Conaf, and telcos ClaroVTR, Entel, Movistar, and WOM began mitigation measures on February 2.

These included activating emergency protocols and telecom protection measures in affected areas. Telcos were also told to clear areas around telecoms infrastructure.

Other measures included strengthening the emergency alert system and deploying national automatic roaming and emergency roaming.