Colt Data Centre Services (Colt DCS) is planning to spend around $750 million developing data centers in Mumbai and Chennai, India.

India - Mumbai
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The data center developments are expected to be completed in the next three to five years and offer a combined 270MW of IT capacity.

The company updated its website back in March 2023 to announce its plans to expand into India with a 10-building campus in Navi Mumbai. That facility is now live, as of September 15.

The site will total 40 data halls and 40,000 sqm of data center white space across a 62,000 sqm site.

The campus was originally planned to have 120MW at full build-out, but Colt DCS is now planning to expand this to 150MW which will account for part of the $750m capex.

The company is also close to acquiring land in Chennai for another campus in the country. That site will offer 120MW across 10 acres and will be operational in the next two years.

"So far we have invested $150 million in the Phase-I and in the next three to five years we are contemplating another about $750m," said Pratap Mane, country head of India at Colt DCS. "So roughly, our plan for the next three to five years is about $850m of total investment."

Colt DCS also has data centers across Europe and others in development in Asia.

In total, the company is operating 162MW globally, and as per its expansion plan, will grow this to 944MW.