What to expect in cooling, from the scientific leader of RISE SICS North

"We're seeing the next generation processors are 100 watts per square centimeter, that's 1MW per square meter. That's what you see in a nuclear power station. Cooling a nuclear power station - with that kind of levels of heat generation, it would make sense to try and capture it in a much better medium than air," Dr Jon Summers told DCD.

"It has been mentioned for the last ten years that liquid cooling is coming, but I think combining it with heat reuse in smaller data centers in urban areas might be the way forward."

Summers also discussed the limitations of PUE as a tool, and why data centers should partner with energy providers to prioritize dealing with climate change. "A lot of data centers are not thinking about this holistically."

Elsewhere, Summers detailed the Boden Type data center project - which we featured on the cover of our latest magazine.