Telecommunications service provider Exa Infrastructure has made a series of partnerships to help expand its network connectivity globally.

Over the last few weeks, I Squared Capital-owned Exa has announced partnerships with EllaLink, Digital Realty, and Cinturion, all looking to expand its network's reach.

Together with EllaLink, the company is looking to improve connectivity between Europe and South America via the EllaLink subsea cable by connecting the cable to Exa's European network.

According to the company, the 9,120km cable will improve network performance between data centers in Brazil, Portugal, and Spain by 50 percent.

The EllaLink subsea cable was the result of Spanish and Brazillian government officials teaming up in 2017. The cable offers 72Tbps and was the first fiber optic cable to connect Europe and Brazil.

Nick Collins, CCO at Exa Infrastructure, said: “The partnership with EllaLink testifies to Exa’s ambition to become the leading data center to data center connectivity provider in Europe and beyond. We have committed €39 million ($42m) of network investments to date in Portugal and Spain and this partnership enables us to interconnect with South America, closing the connectivity gap for companies in this fast-growing, bandwidth-demanding environment.”

Exa and EllaLink are also working on the Olisipo project, a cable system that will connect the main data centers and all landing stations in Portugal.

"We understand the importance of securing diversity as an alternative to the north transatlantic routes," said Vincent Gatineau, CSMO at EllaLink. "Combining EllaLink’s low latency network with Exa Infrastructure’s extensive and advanced footprint enhances both our portfolios and the value proposition we can offer to the market. This is a strong partnership for EllaLink, that will significantly benefit our customers.”

Exa Infrastructure signs MoU with Digital Realty

Exa Infrastructure is also partnering with global cloud and colocation provider Digital Realty. The two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on May 31 which will see them collaborate on expanding Exa's fiber infrastructure to Digital Realty's data centers across the Mediterranean, including in Barcelona in Spain, Heraklion in Crete, and Athens in Greece.

"We’re delighted to expand our strategic partnership with Digital Realty to further enhance connectivity between data centers across Europe and North America with the Mediterranean a key and strategic location to this growth plan,” said Steve Roberts, vice president of network investments at Exa Infrastructure. “Exa is continually enhancing our network through investments and partnerships to ensure we’re at the forefront of powering our customers’ connectivity through diversifying our network and servicing traffic demands.”

Exa and Cinturion to connect Europe, the Middle East, and India

Exa is also expanding its network to reach the Middle East and India, as facilitated by its partnership with Cinturion which will see Exa connect its digital infrastructure to Cinturion's TEAS - Trans Europe Asia System.

Exa will be landing one of TEAS' dual path connections at its cable landing station in Pescora, Italy. TEAS is comprised of two open-access subsea and terrestrial links that cross the Middle East, one via the Red Sea and the other via Jordan, then continuing along the Arabian Peninsula and under the Arab Gulf and Indian Ocean.

Grid Telecom is the cable's landing Partner in Greece, while I Squared Capital-owned Lightstorm is the landing partner in India.

CCO Nick Collins said: “Connecting these two expansive infrastructure assets is a significant step forward for the routing of digital traffic between Europe, the Middle East, and India. At Pescara, Exa will provide a direct link into a network with the broadest geographic footprint in Europe, with the highest level of resiliency bolstered by additional new fiber in Italy. This is the latest investment by our business as we work to provide the best and broadest long-haul digital infrastructure in Europe.”

According to Exa, the Pescora landing station will become one of Europe’s busiest digital traffic hubs. Exa will also deliver new multi-fiber routes from Pescara to Rome and Milan. Exa Infrastructure was launched by I Squared Capital in 2021 after the private equity company closed its acquisition of GTT.