Network performance management provider ExtraHop has rented space in an Australian colocation data center to provide its monitoring platform, Reveal(x) 360, across the Asia-Pacific region.

The Marc Andreesen-backed Seattle, Washington State-based company specializes in real-time network analysis. Latency is, therefore, a key part of the appeal of the company’s services. The solution enables organizations to monitor how applications consume network resources, how systems and devices communicate, and how transactions flow across the network.

Hopping into an extra data center

The core of the system is a ‘smart sensor’ – what used to be called a network appliance – that mirrors network traffic, capturing storing and analyzing network data.

Reveal(x) 360 can be deployed in any cloud or on-premise. The company also claims it can secure IoT devices, too. It is paid for by an on-demand consumption model.

“With the addition of new data center facilities in Australia to host Reveal(x) 360 locally, ExtraHop delivers higher availability and reduced latency while ensuring that customers preserve the sovereignty of their data,” the company said in a statement.

David Sajoto, ExtraHop's vice president of Asia Pacific and Japan, said: "Organizations around the world are rethinking their approach to security as advanced threats like APTs and software supply chain attacks take a financial and reputational toll."

He added that the new data center investment would "ensure that our customers have access to high-availability, low-latency security capabilities that meet local standards for data sovereignty and protection. This investment affirms our commitment to the region and our customers."

The Australian data center deployment comes after the company expanded in the region via a partnership with Big Switch Networks.