An investigation has been opened after a cell tower in Andover, Kansas, caught fire last week.

As reported by KAKE, the cell tower that was set ablaze was located in a park in the city, located in Butler County to the east of Wichita.

Telecom tower ladder
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The cause of the fire is not yet known.

The incident occurred around 12:40pm last Wednesday (October 25). No one was injured, and the cell tower remained standing.

US carrier T-Mobile owns the damaged tower, though it has said that the impact has been minimal, with other nearby towers able to provide service instead.

While it's not yet clear how the fire happened, people have been known to attack telecoms infrastructure in the past.

Earlier this year, a man from San Antonio, Texas, pled guilty in federal court in San Antonio to eight charges in two indictments related to arson and felon in possession of a firearm.

Sean Aaron Smith, 29, attempted to damage and destroy by means of fire multiple cellular telephone towers around San Antonio between April 2021 and May 2022, until his arrest in the same month.

He could get 140 years in prison following the plea, as he faces a penalty of five to 20 years in prison for each charge related to arson.

Court documents noted that Smith holds anti-government views, while he had a "mission" to burn down 5G cell phone towers, as per an affidavit.

During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, there were several false conspiracy theories shared online suggesting that 5G was causing the spread of the virus.

It led mobile operators to urge the conspiracists to stop attacking the infrastructure and spreading misinformation on the Internet.

In 2020, a man from Liverpool, England, was sentenced to three years in jail for setting fire to a telephone mast due to his belief that 5G was linked to the Coronavirus.