Firefighters have rescued a cell tower intruder in Gastonia, North Carolina.

As reported by WSOC-TV, the unidentified woman was rescued while scaling a cell tower, naked.

US telecom tower
– Getty Images

Firefighters had been alerted after reports emerged that a trespasser had managed to jump over the razor-wire fence surrounding the site.

The firefighters attempted to talk her down, but she kept climbing the structure.

The woman then lost her grip and fell but was caught by Captain Barron Summey, who managed to grab her leg, at around 175 feet in the air.

There was “no warning at all, she just fell backwards,” said Summey. “Nothing more than the grace of God that we were able to make that happen.”

According to the report, the woman was described as “impaired” at the time of the incident, and was admitted to a local hospital for medical care.