Huawei has sued the Romanian state after its request for authorization for 5G infrastructure equipment was rejected earlier this year.

The Chinese vendor appealed the country's decision in 2021 that saw it banned from taking part in the development of Romania's 5G telecommunication networks, due to security concerns.

Huawei Romania
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Romania's President Klaus Iohannis signed a Washington-backed bill banning Huawei and other Chinese companies.

In February, the country doubled down on its stance when Romania’s Supreme Council of National Defense denied Huawei's request for authorization.

As reported by Romania Insider earlier this week, Huawei is now taking legal action against the decision.

Following the decision in February, Huawei outlined its disappointment with the decision.

“We are disappointed with the government's decision, which is not rooted in any objective assessment or actual findings,” said a Huawei Romania spokesperson at the time. "Huawei has operated in Romania for over 20 years without any security issues and fully complied with all national rules and regulations.

“This decision will harm our business operations in the country, and as well have a far-reaching negative impact on the ecosystem of local ICT industry and business operations of our partners."

Romanian telcos Vodafone and Orange have previously been reliant on Chinese vendors for their RAN gear in the 4G era, while both have used some Huawei kit within their respective 5G networks. Similar to BT and Vodafone in the UK, the two carriers will need to rip-and-replace this equipment, as part of the law signed in 2021.

The vendor has been deemed a high-risk vendor in a number of countries in the last few years following increased pressure from the US government to ban the vendor over spying claims.

It was reported last year that Huawei filed a lawsuit in Portugal after Portugal's cybersecurity council (CSSC), laid out the rationale for an eventual ban on some 5G equipment, which includes Huawei kit that effectively bars operators from using its equipment in 5G mobile networks.

Portugal's main mobile operators, Altice, NOS, and Vodafone have already said they won't use Huawei kit in their core 5G networks.

The UK, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are among the European countries to ban Huawei from playing a part in their 5G network infrastructure. The UK had initially granted the vendor a limited role in its 5G build before changing course six months later back in July 2020.

Germany is also said to be considering a ban on Huawei and another Chinese vendor, ZTE, from parts of its 5G network, despite previously stating that it would approve equipment from Chinese telecoms vendors on a 'case-by-case' basis.