Iliad has signed new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to procure renewable energy.

The telco this week announced deals with Engie and Statkraft to offtake the output of solar farms in France, Italy, and Poland. It is the company's second PPA in France and first in both Poland and Italy.

– Engie

Under these three PPAs – totaling 88MW – the group will offtake from solar sites located in Sainte-Gemme in France, Latina in Italy, and Resko in Poland for 10-15 years from when they come into service in 2025.

Thomas Reynaud, Iliad Group CEO, said: “These three new PPAs clearly demonstrate how we’re seeking to take climate action in all of our geographies – France, Italy, and Poland – because there are no borders when it comes to carbon neutrality! I’d like to thank Engie and Statkraft for partnering with us and helping us to take this major step towards achieving the goals of our climate plan.”

In France, Engie and Iliad have signed a 15-year deal for a 25.6MW solar farm from April 2025. Engie’s project for the solar farm was carried out in partnership with the non-profit group APAGESMS, which set up and manages the assistance-through-work facility at the Ferme de Magné Wildlife Park.

In Italy, the telco has signed a 10-year deal with Statkraft to offtake from a 27.9MW solar farm from January 2025. The solar farm will be operated by Sonnedix.

Gennaro Mathieu D’Annucci, Statkraft’s head of origination Italy and France, said: “It is a pleasure to be able to stand alongside the Iliad Group with this important PPA, supporting them in achieving their sustainability and climate change goals.’’

In Poland, Iliad will offtake from a 36MW solar farm from January 2025 for 10 years in partnership with Statkraft. The solar farm will be operated by Better Energy.

Pieter Schipper, Statkraft’s VP of origination North-West Europe & US, said: “We are happy to be part of the sustainable change for Play through this tailor-made green baseload PPA.”

Iliad signed its first PPA last year. The company signed a 15-year deal with Engie in France to purchase the electricity generated by the Labrit solar farm located in the Landes region.

Edouard Neviaski, Engie global energy management & sales CEO, said: “Following on from our first PPA signed with the Iliad Group in early 2023, we’re proud to be further supporting the Group over the long term with carrying out its climate strategy.”

Statkraft has previously signed PPAs with the likes of Telenor, FastWeb, and Deutsche Telekom. Engie has signed PPAs with Amazon, Microsoft, Orange, Digital Realty, and others.

Owned by telecoms entrepreneur Xavier Niel, Iliad’s holdings include French telco Free and MSP Free Pro, Polish telco Play, cloud firm Scaleway, and recently-formed data center company OpCore.