Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH) has partnered with Nvidia to build an artificial intelligence center in Surakarta, Indonesia.

The center will be worth about $200 million and could also include telecommunications infrastructure and a human resource center.

– Nvidia

According to a report in Reuters, the CEO of the Indonesian telecoms company, Vikram Sinha, has provided information relating to the investment to the mayor of Surakarta. Sinha said the IOH selected to build the center in Surakarta due to its “good human resources and 5G infrastructure.”

A spokesperson for IOH told Reuters that Indosat is committed to becoming the pioneer in AI development in Indonesia, adding that the collaboration with Nvidia will help foster the development of technology infrastructure in Indonesia.

The announcement follows on from the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by IOH and Nvidia at Mobile World Congress.

Under the terms of that agreement, Indosat subsidiary Lintasarta will provide customers with access to Nvidia’s full-stack AI platform through a new GPU-as-a-Service offering.