Ukrainian telecoms company Kyivstar has restored connectivity in the south and east of the country, as Russian troops withdraw.

Base stations in Kherson, Snihurivka, Staryi Saltiv, Lisne, and Velyki Khutory have come back online, as Ukraine made decisive victories in the ongoing war.

In Kherson, the only provincial capital that Russian troops managed to capture, Kyivstar has turned on three base stations now that it has been liberated.

It said that it saw 17,000 minutes and 232GB of data used in the city so far, with about half the city believed to be connected. During the occupation, data had been rerouted through Russia.

In the city of Izium, in the Kharkiv region, home broadband has been restored, while 50 buildings have been connected to high-speed data transmission.

Kyivstar said that it had also built more than 400 new base stations this year and modernized 6,200 existing stations despite the protracted conflict.

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