A man in Florida has been arrested after climbing a telecom tower, just a month after being arrested for doing the same thing.

The man, named as Richard Smith, 38, climbed the structure in Winter Park, Florida, last week.

telco tower Florida
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In the most recent incident, Smith spent 12 hours at the top of the tower before the police negotiated with him to come down.

In a police report last week, the Winter Park Police Department (WPPD) said an incident had been reported at around 15:00 on May 9, noting that a male subject had climbed the tower.

The police responded to the incident, spending several hours trying to get Smith to come down. He eventually climbed down from the tower at 3:20 am, in the early hours of May 10.

The WPPD confirmed that Smith was charged with the criminal violation of burglary to an unoccupied structure, criminal mischief over $1,000, and trespassing.

Last month Smith spent several hours atop a cell tower in Miami, Florida, where he was estimated to have caused up to $500,000 worth of damage.

During that incident, Smith claimed to be a T-Mobile worker, shutting down the main power at the bottom of the tower and turning off a T-Mobile carrier, which alerted the telco to the site as it noted an outage in the area.

The police didn't acknowledge Smith's previous arrest, though did share what looks to be the same mugshot of Smith in their press release.