Microsoft is planning another new data center in the Campinas area of São Paulo state, Brazil.

BNAmericas reports that Microsoft is developing a new data center in Hortolândia, likely to expand its existing São Paulo Azure cloud region.

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BNAmericas said it obtained information about the plans from a recent request sent to São Paulo’s state environmental agency, Cetesb.

Dated July 7, the request mentions the installation of a data center on reportedly greenfield land with 39 power generators. More details weren't provided.

Microsoft launched a São Paulo Azure cloud region – known as Brazil South – in Campinas in 2014. It was expanded to three availability zones in 2021.

The company announced plans for a second Brazilian region – Brazil Southeast – in Rio de Janeiro in 2020. The location is no longer listed on the company’s site and has been re-classified as a ‘reserved access region.’

Microsoft has previously said such secondary locations are “optimized for disaster recovery that can support scenarios such as helping meet data residency requirements or specific risk & regulatory compliance needs for geographic isolation.”

Earlier this month it was revealed Microsoft is developing a new data center in nearby Sumaré, another municipality in São Paulo state outside Campinas.

Ascenty – controlled by Digital Realty and Brookfield Infrastructure Partners – operates a large campus in Hortolândia.

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