NorthC Datacenters has announced plans to expand its existing data center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The Dutch data center company’s facility on the Zestienhoven business park will be expanded with an additional 4.5MW of capacity and 3,000 sq m (32,200 sq ft) of floor space, up from 2MW of power and 1,600 sq m (17,200 sq ft) of floor space currently.

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NorthC celebrates the south

NorthC Rotterdam Zestienhoven.png
– NorthC

“We want to build a strong and diverse regional ecosystem in South Holland,” says Alexandra Schless, CEO of NorthC. “Experience shows that companies increasingly prefer to do business with companies from their own region. On the one hand because of culture, on the other hand for practical reasons: for example, companies want to be able to get to the data center quickly.”

Schless added that local storage and processing are becoming more popular as data volumes increase.

“Processing data at central locations in a data center is no longer always the best solution,2 she added. “It is more effective and economical to process some of the generated data close to the user, or close to the location where the data is being created. Only the results of that initial processing are then forwarded to a central location for further analysis and storage. A regional data center is therefore a good solution for both the processor and the user of data.”

NorthC has two more locations in South Holland in Rotterdam Waalhaven and Delft, and 10 in total across the country adding up to 60,000 sqm (684,500 sq ft) and 44MW.