Electrical connection and rack specialist nVent is working with Iceotope to provide integrated immersion-cooled racks and enclosures.

The pair are showing nVent cabinets, with Iceotope's immersion-cooled chassis systems at the SC21 event in St. Louis, Missouri, this week. The portfolio includes a range of modular packaged solutions, aimed at data center, Edge, and high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

nvent iceotope chassis at SC21 lead.jpg
– Iceotope

The Iceotope sealed chassis is already available integrated with Schneider Electric's cabinets thanks to a similar non-exclusive agreement.

Cooling needed

“Our customers’ needs for cooling capacity are constantly increasing because of the high-density, powerful infrastructure they support, such as data centers and other IT applications,” said Marc Caiola, nVent senior director, data center and networking solutions. “Iceotope has developed a differentiating chassis-level precision immersion cooling platform and we look forward to collaborating with their innovative team as they expand their solutions portfolio.”

“All of us at Iceotope are excited about our relationship with nVent,” said David Craig, Iceotope chief executive officer. “Together we are innovating solutions that deliver truly game changing offerings that make all the real benefits of liquid cooling a reality in a scalable, secure and serviceable way.”

Iceotope developed sealed immersion cooled modules which slot into conventional racks, offering low PUE, and high power-density, suitable for the GPU based systems coming into their own now. After raising money in 2014, the company set up a partnership with Schneider which has delivered liquid cooled modular data centers. but the partnership is not exclusive, and Iceotope now describes itself as ain IP house, licensing the use of its patented immersion cooling systems.

nvent iceotope stand at SC21.jpg
– Iceotope

nVent spun out of water treatment firm Pentair in 2018 to concentrate on thermal management and power distribution. In the data center world, it is best known for the Schroff liquid coolers which circulate water in the doors of data center cabinets. The company provides air and liquid cooling systems, along with server racks, enclosures, intelligent PDUs, monitoring and sensors, electronic access control, and infrastructure integration capabilities.

nVent now plans to drive "rapid global deployment" of immersion cooling technology in traditional rack footprints, saving floorspace and simplifying deployments. The Iceotope system is sealed, and supports easy maintenance and hot swapping, the companies said.

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