DataCentre220 is offering data center interconnect (DCI) to the relay network of New Zealand telco, Chorus.

The operator, based in Queen Street, Central Auckland, says the new link will allow its customers to either connect directly to the Chorus relay, or else link to it through DataCentre220, on more flexible terms.

DtaCentre220 2.jpg
– DataCentre220

Broadband resellers and other providers will be able to offer ultrafast broadband to their customers, while business customers can use it to connect to other data centers on the Chorus relay, said DataCentre220. Content delivery networks (CDNs) will also benefit: "Datacentre220 has always been a great colocation for CDNs on account of having the highest numbers of peers in New Zealand," says the release, adding that the Chorus will increase that.

The DCI connection was announced at Chorus's Chorus Live event, along with a new range of higher speeds in Chorus's Hyperfibre service, and additions to its EdgeCentre network of Edge facilities

"If you wish to understand how best to take advantage of this [DCI] service we have an engineering team just for that," says the release.

Chorus is a New Zealand telecoms company spun off from the incumbent telco Telecom New Zealand (now known as Spark) in 2011. Things haven't always gone smoothly for the company; in January 2021, it lost service for 1,000 customers when a rodent chewed through a cable.