OVHcloud has rearchitected its VMware-hosted private cloud offering, with large download speeds and uptime guarantees.

The French cloud operator has rebuilt its VMware services and now offers 10Gbps guaranteed bandwidth, and easy migration of legacy workloads to the cloud. The company also promises it can provide a guaranteed 99.95 percent uptime, despite having lost an entire data center in a 2021 fire, which the company still refuses to discuss.

ovhcloud RBX3.jpg
– OVHcloud

The new-look VMware services are available now in Europe and Canada.

OVHcloud says the new version will help enterprises lift and shift legacy apps to the cloud without refactoring. For modern cloud-native apps and multi-cloud strategies, it supports VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, which manages Kubernetes clusters.

It is built on VMware's vSphere, has access to a large unmetered 10 Gbps guaranteed public bandwidth, and includes managed vSphere, hyperconverged storage, network security, and a software-defined data center service.

VMware NSX-T, the latest data center iteration of the NSX virtualization and security platform is available on some products, so security management of apps is streamlined, whether they are on VMs or in containers. Micro-segmentation allows users to block ransomware, OVHcloud says.

“We are extremely proud to introduce our new trusted and secure VMware on OVHcloud range. Thanks to the latest innovations and VMware Tanzu compatibility, the complexity of Kubernetes is hidden to rapidly develop modern apps. If that wasn’t enough the VMware on OVHcloud lineup comes with a host of security certifications on our sustainable cloud.” said Thierry Souche, OVHcloud chief technology officer.

OVHcloud says the offering is environmentally friendly as it runs entirely in the company's own data centers which use proprietary liquid cooling, including a recently announced system that combines immersion and water cooling.

The company is labeled as a VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider, giving it certifications including HDS, PCI-DSS, and the SecNumCloud qualification delivered by France’s National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI).

The 2021 fire which destroyed OVHcloud's SBG2 data center in Strasbourg still hangs over the company with an unresolved class action, and a trickle of customers winning damages in court, where OVHcloud has so far had to pay €250,000 for breaching contracts to provide a backup service to two companies.

Despite public reports which appear to show poor fire prevention procedures and water leakage, OVHcloud says it cannot share any details of its own fire reports.