Tesla's data center in Austin, Texas, is behind schedule amid wider issues at the automotive company.

The Information reports that the planned Dojo supercomputer site has been beset by issues, with CEO Elon Musk "furious" about the delays.

Tesla Dojo first cabinet.png
– Tesla

Musk toured the site, on the south side of the 10 million square foot (930,000 sqm) Tesla factory, in mid-April.

There, he found a facility missing most of its roof and ground floor because of delivery issues, bad weather, and other construction issues.

The problems are compounded by the fact that Musk's tunneling business, the Boring Company, is meant to build a road under the facility for Cybertrucks (also delayed) to autonomously travel across the campus.

With the tunnel unbuilt, the data center's ground floor cannot be laid.

Following his visit, Musk fired Amir Mirshahi, the construction project’s director of infrastructure. A week later, he laid off 10 percent of the company's 140,000 employees, with more layoffs expected. Several of Tesla's senior executives have also quit the company.

Tesla vehicle deliveries fell by 8.5 percent in the first quarter, as it faces increasing competition from from cheaper Chinese competitors. The company has reportedly canceled development on its own affordable vehicle, the Model 2.

Over the past few months, Tesla's head of AI infrastructure Tim Zaman left for Google DeepMind and Dojo supercomputer project lead Ganesh Venkataramanan also departed.