Vertiv installed a grid-interactive UPS system for Swedish colocation data center provider Conapto.

The companies have installed Vertiv Liebert EXL S1, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system that provides an integrated solution for critical power protection and grid support capabilities, at Conapto data centers.

Conapto Stockholm North_outside view.JPG
Conapto's Stockholm North data center – Conapto

Grid support systems help power networks balance demand and supply of resources. They allow energy, particularly that generated from renewable sources where supply can be highly variable, to be stored and released when it is needed.

The technology will be rolled out across Conapto’s data centers in two phases, with its latest facility, Stockholm 4, included as part of the second phase.

The partnership with Vertiv and energy supplier Fever Energy will allow Conapto to actively contribute to grid stability by participating in fast frequency response and frequency containment reserve demand.

Vertiv claims its solution optimizes UPS capacity and employs lithium-ion battery storage, enabling power support during peak utility demand, without significant infrastructure changes.

It is hoped that by providing static and dynamic frequency regulation, along with demand management capabilities, the UPS will help grid stability and efficient resource utilization, supporting the integration of alternative sources, such as wind, water, and solar energy.

Vertiv provides power and cooling solutions to data center providers. Karsten Winther, Vertiv president in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, said: "The collaboration between Vertiv, Conapto, and Fever Energy represents a significant milestone in the data center industry, and builds on our own 15-year partnership with Conapto.

“With the introduction of dynamic grid support, we are empowering Conapto to not only enhance operational efficiency in its data centers, but also contribute to grid stability, and sustainability when paired with energy alternatives, marking a significant step forward in the evolution of critical digital infrastructure."

Able to trace its roots back to the 1980s, Conapto has been owned by investment fund Marguerite since 2021.

Stefan Nilsson, chief commercial officer at Conapto, said: "In line with Conapto's commitment to sustainability and societal contribution, we believe that data centers should not only consume energy but also play an active role in supporting the grid. By introducing dynamic grid support, we can help reduce Co2 emissions by enabling more renewables to be added to the energy mix.

“Our partnership with Vertiv and Fever Energy is testament to this ethos as we work towards creating a more resilient and sustainable digital infrastructure for Sweden and beyond."