Halvor Bjerke

CEO, Nordics, STACK Infrastructure

Halvor Bjerke, born in 1978, currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at STACK Infrastructure Nordics, a premier company specializing in fulfilling the sophisticated digital infrastructure requirements of hyperscale and enterprise-level clients.

With a profound expertise rooted in the data center sector, Bjerke has played a pivotal role in establishing Stack Infrastructure (formerly known as DigiPlex) as a sustainable and secure provider of data center solutions across the Nordic countries and on a global scale.

In his capacity as CEO, Bjerke is tasked with directing the Nordic operations of STACK, driving regional growth, and forging strategic alliances with key clients and stakeholders to ensure the company’s success and expansion.

Bjerke's extensive professional journey includes strategic leadership roles such as the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Operations at DigiPlex, which later rebranded to Stack Infrastructure.

His tenure in the IT industry is marked by significant positions, including the Senior Vice President of DNB IT DIT and the Chief Executive Officer of Amedia Teknologi AS, illustrating his diverse experience and leadership across various technology sectors.

Additionally, Bjerke is a co-founder and board member of Norsk Datasenter Industri, an association dedicated to advocating for and advancing the interests of the Norwegian data center industry.

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