Jim Smith

Managing Director - Hyperscale, Equinix

Jim Smith has been Managing Director - Hyperscale for Equinix since May 2018 and leads the Hyperscale Infrastructure Team, also known as HIT, focused on developing facilities to meet the need for hyperscale requirements .

For over 11 years, Jim served in various leadership roles at Digital Realty Trust including Chief Technology Officer with responsibilities spanning the Portfolio Operations Group, which includes global property operations, technical operations, customer service, security and data center services functions. Previously, Mr. Smith was responsible for overseeing data center development, power procurement and energy management. Mr. Smith joined Digital Realty in November 2004 as Engineering Director. Thereafter, Mr. Smith served as Vice President, Engineering from January 2007 to December 2007.

im has over 16 years of data center development experience, including as Chief Technical Officer at Colo.com, Founder and General Manager of ATMnet, which was acquired by Verio in 1997, and General Manager at 360networks.

Mr. Smith received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Fort Lewis College and a Master of Business Administration degree from London Business School.

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